Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 41-March 7, 2016

Week 41-March 7, 2016
English Mother's Day
Quick updates: vladamir and his kids didnt come to church and we are a little worried about them but their date has been moved to the 26th of march instead of this upcoming sunday. christiana is looking really solid for sunday! i am so excited... Please pray for her! Lee is doing well and he came to church again, (the member's boyfriend) and we will teach him again this wednesday! he made us.... BROWNIES!!!!!! so good. i told him my moms brownies are the best and then he made us some and apologized in advance that they wouldnt be as good as my moms cause moms brownies are always the best (he was right) but they were still amazing. and amen dad! life is short! eat lots of chocolate! in the resurection we will have a "perfect form" (alma 11:43) so hakuna matata just enjoy moms cooking as much as possible! i miss it so bad.

Mom, can you send me a journal? i finished mine 3 months ago and havent written since. i cant really find a good one to buy and we never really have much time to go buy a nice one somewhere cause i dont know what shops will have one.. also, could you put some of my savings onto my chip and pin card? i think its still at like 3 dollars or something and i need that for emergencies. other than that, i dont think i need anything else. thank you though! 

glad to hear you guys didnt get shot in south central LA. that would suck. next time, just go shop at the BMW dealership . i wouldnt mind coming home to a beamer in the driveway! hahahahaah and YO A HONDA CIVIC?!?! Sick!!!!!!!!! send me some pics ash!!!!!!! do you remember taking pics with brother cutler's corvette that day he took me out to let me drive it?! thanks for the prayers and love everyone. It makes all the difference. I love you so much! and i have a testimony that this is indeed the Lord's work. 

Elder Jensen

p.s. i played 3 hymns and a primary song for the primary this week in sacrament meeting cause they didnt have a pianist again. im expanding my hymn repertoire exponentially from where it was before i left (come follow me #116)  

p.p.s what the heck is going on with our country?!????? donald trump!????? english people give me so much abuse about our presidency and i dont even know what to say.. how is he actually getting so many votes? dad... whats going on? is he actually legit?

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