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Week 31-December 28, 2015

Week 31-December 28, 2015
I just spoke to you all so not much to report but love you all!
Thought id send a couple of pictures cause I know mom likes them

This is me and my super good friend Elder Murri. We did a white elephant exchange at a bug zone conference for Christmas and I got his gift... It's a drawing and I read what it said to everyone and everyone was dying with laughter cause on the bottom it says that "there's more where this came from if you go to the dance with me" and then president asked who it was from and he raised his hand and we are really good friends so it was hilarious. 

Bishop had us over for a FHE and this is his beloved "chocolate game"

Me and Ekder Hesen and the Sister Training Leaders in our zone. Me and elder Hesen had to deliver some last minute Christmas gifts to the zone so we picked up some cheap Santa suits and did it in style

This is our Bishop. Hands down the most amazing guy! He does so much for us... We are going to frame this and give it to him! Hahahaha he's like a real life Santa

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