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Week 29-December 14, 2015

Week 29-December 14, 2015
"Christmas is Coming"
finally have some time to email!!! still.. not that much time. but some time! i NEVER have any time anymore.

This week was crazy... i spent one day in southend upon sea which is on the eastern/southern coast ish of england and then another day in Grays. so i spent two of the days in different areas on exchanges ( we do a lot of exchanges) and then i spent one night in the hospital until 12. then sunday we had a concert for our christmas choir and we spent the night here in london with some of my old buddies (the britannia elders) and then today we have another concert adn we sang in a care home for people with alzheimers as well. one of the ladies told me she was 94... i told her i was 93 and her teeth fell off and she said "maybe 23 young man" hahahahah. by the way dad i sing bass.. that way i dont have to sing high cause if i do then my voice cracks.. its super annoying hahah i thought i was through with puberty a long time ago!!but the choir has been so much fun.our performance was incredible, it was in the hyde park stake so i saw so many old friends! me and elder chronister and augusto were reunited for the first time and it was amazing. there were like 400 people there and they showed the christmas videos and it was great. our mission president sang a solo and it was incredible. no wonder he was in mo tab.

so to explain my week would be impossible- too much has happened. i have about 0.2 seconds to breath a day and the rest of the time is driving to and fro and phone calls and loads of other stuff. but no i was not sick... i know thats what mom is worried about after hearing i was in the hospital HAHA just thought id keep her in suspense for a bit. one of the missionaries in our zone had to go and so we went and stayed with them from about 9 until 12 and then drove them home and didnt get home till way late. 

our investigators have not been doing well. we had so many cancellations this week and it was pretty frustrating. i had to play piano for sacrament meeting this week cause nobody else could and so with a little practicing during the week when i could get a chance, i played four hymns durnig our meeting! i figured mom would be proud. i was thinking to myself how dad would owe me some money while i was playing and almost started laughing. 

christmas has taken on a whole new meaning for me this year- since i am constantly using christmas as a way to talk to people about the Saviour i have realised what christmas is all about. as cheesy as that sounds... i dont think i ever knew before. i mean i would have SAID that i knew but really, i didnt. so yea. i dont think christmas will ever be the same for me now that i have spent one thinking so much about the Saviour and why we even have christmas in the first place.

i love you all so so so incredibly much. i cant describe how much i miss you all and christmas will be so different without you all! Have an amazing week! i cant email next week but ill figure out my skype account before christmas and then lets plan on 5 pm! i would LOVE to skype or talk to ashley on the phone or something as well- i got your email ash. i cant wait to see you all.. if that time wont work for some crazy reason i cant contact you until christmas but ill get your emails and i can read them so let me know but i i wont be able to reply. 

The gospel is the key to being truly happy. that i know- and if people followed Jesus Christ's teachings and example then they would find real joy. forget about cars and money yo

Elda J swizzles

p.s. ill send some pics seperately

p.p.s. WAY TO GO ASH ON ALL YOUR SUCCESS!!!!!!! youre tearin it up out there in santiago! makin your lil bro proud :')
Our whole Zone :) such wonderful missionaries. This is from last week
and so will the other ones in this email. This was our zone training

Buckingham at night... 

The pic bishop took after thanksgiving dinner but I thought I'd attach it for Ashley cause she didn't get it. First time ever wearing a scarf and I had a huge internal conflict putting it on... I always thought wearing a scarf was feminine but here I am

The Grays district! Love em.

This was only the beginning of that night... 
Taylor singing with the Mission choir at the Hyde Park Visitors Center for Christmas!  Singing Bass=)

I seriously need to cut my hair but it's ELDER CHRONISTER AND AUGUSTO!!! At our choir concert last night.

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