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Week 16--Sept. 14, 2015

Week 16--Sept. 14, 2015

Hey fam! i have almost zero time today. this morning we went to our usual traditional restaruant that Carlos is a chef at. we went with augusto and elder chronister and his companion. It was so nice to see them and spend time together it felt like normal. Then we had a zone badmintton tournament and potluck in the gym at the chapel all afternoon and played some chair football and basketball after the sisters left. it was a ton of fun... Our zone is like a big family and because geographically we are a tiny zone, we all see each other quite often! for example, we all met up at the chapel this morning for zumba and yoga together with a senior missionary who leads it. Tons of fun... 

but yea so combined with everything we had to get done today and the fact that we are having fhe tonight means i have no time. But to summarize, we havent seen much success this week and it has been frustrating. I have been learning to let go of my grip on the outcome and instead trust God a little more. I just work so hard and expect results and when they dont come i get mad... i love to not worry and just work though. its a great feeling and even though sometimes nothing good is coming of it, I feel happy. I learned that when I get discouraged my faith starts to go down. But when i just work hard and let go of my worries, my faith increases and my doubts fade. I think all of our lives we have to choose to believe and to fight our doubts and make sure they dont get the best of us. 

Anyways, thank you so much for the birthday wishes :) you guys are the best fam out there i love you so much. visiting members and families here makes me realize how happy i will be when i can sit down in the kitchen with all of you again. i dont want to boast but we have an incredible home and the best family.  j-squad for life!#

love you all! #finally19 #gettingfatandoldalready

-elder J swizzles

ill send some pics seperately mom!

dad- i have a copy of the stories. ann and matt sent it to me and i absolutely loved it. so yea i know what youre talking about. Also, about yiewei really briefly. That is incredible! what i wanted to tell you was that one thing klayton christensen  did with his friend was ask him what his biggest questions were, assigned him 2 BOM chapters that contained the answers, then told him to pray, read, write a 2 paragraph summary answwer to each question, pray, read again and revise the summaries, and then pray to know if it was true and what he read was true. he came back with incredible answers that shocked even them and a testimony and desire to be baptised. all because he found the answers himself! you are the best teacher explainer i know but he will have to find his answers in the quiet alone time that he spends. something to bear in mind. Tell him i said hello!!! I miss him and the lab, he is such a great guy

Elder Bender elder Ammermon and elder Chiwara (im the one with the hops)

Basketball for exercise in the morning! 

My favorite kiddos. Ella and Lucho

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