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Week 15-Sept. 8-2015

Week 15-Sept. 8-2015

Sup fam!!! so guess what, i got my new companion and we are doing just fine. We had three people come to church plus a recent convert who we accompanied to church because she didnt know how to find it. We have our work cut out for us in terms of progressing investigators now though because the one man (Chris) we put on date we let the YSA elders take over so he is no longer ours. That was sad because i worry they wont love him as much as i do because he's a bit of a tough cookie and takes some patience.. We'll see how it goes. Other than that, we had a bit of a miracle and not only did our buddhist investigator Nimi come to church but so did an Iranian man we taught months ago when me and Elder Chronister just started here. he had fallen off a bit, but randomly called us up and said he was coming to church with his friend! Sure enough, him and an iranian doctor came and promised they would be coming next sunday as well. The friend was a man who had met with missionaries and went to the LDS churches in Japan many many years ago and when he found out Khohrow (the guy we taught a few months back) knew mormon missionaries he got really excited and so they came and here we are, hopefully going to be able to teach these two men. ill attach a pic of them because oour zone decided to make a shared album on icloud where we would all take selfies with our investigators and post them to the album so the whole zone could see them.

this week was wild because of the transfer, so we didnt get to do that much work. on wednesday for our last hurrah and salute to our wonderful 2 transfers together, Elder Chronister and I made the run of a lifetime. We got up extra early, at about 5:50, and ran all the way from our flat to buckingham palace, trafalga square, then to the river Thames and followed the river all the way to St. Paul's cathedral and millenial bridge. And the sunrise that morning was beyond description... We stood on Millenial bridge (almost out of our mission) and looked at the sky and the skyline for probably 15 minutes before taking the tube home... it was just incredible. one of the most surreal moments either of us had ever had. Ill attach some pics because Elder Chronister has a GoPro and took some sweet pictures.

Basically transfer day was a roller coaster of emotions but it was a very good learning experience. My old MTC companion and really good friend Elder Withers (from BYU) is training too AND so are our two original trainers! so me and Elder C, elder withers and his trainer Elder Cook were all there waiting for our new missionaries, i thought it was really funny hahaha. Also, ill attach a really really cool four generation picture that we took with our family tree

So a quick bit about my new companion before i finish. His name is Elder Wood, and we are getting along great. He is from Mississippi and is an artist and an actor! He is really smart and good at explaining the gospel really simply and sincerely and im learning a lot from him.. and guess what mom.. he bakes!!!!! Also we have a new zone leader in our flat now that elder jackson left named Elder Tinao who is from New Zealand and is half samoan and half tongan and the flat has been a party. to the girls: we played big 2 last night and i didnt win once..... all that practice and i lose!? it was beginners luck on their part.. me and elder tinao were together on saturday for an exchange which was SUCH a blast we just talked to everyone and had a fantastic day teaching lessons and visiting a couple of less actives and such. 

I took over all of Elder Chronister's stuff basically his side of the desk, his bed, everything... elder wood doesnt like to run much so it looks like ill be getting swole instead this transfer hitting the weights. heavens knows i could use some of that. The transition of this whole transfer has been tough, but I have learned a lot. It has really humbled me and it has caused me to ask Heavenly Father for help. Luckily for me though, my district is full of sisters younger in their missions or as old in their missions as me and they are such understanding hard working missionaries and the zone leaders are such a help that i could not be more blessed as i struggle to learn how to fulfill my new responsibilities.

KLAYTON CHRISTENSEN CAME TO OUR MISSION! he spoke to the whole mission about member missionary work and it was incredible. the man is on another level, he reminds me of Dad. he's the dean of the Harvard business school and the most influential business thinker in the world.. you guys know who he is. But anyways I got to see all of my old MTC friends which was so amazing. Brother Christensen was inspiring let me tell you... it was really something.

One of the highlights of my whole mission was last night when we had an FHE with some members and some missionaries at the chapel and Augusto told me that he had accepted a calling as a ward missionary from our Bishop on Sunday and that he would be sustained this following Sunday... Its hard to describe how much this meant to me and Elder Chronister but it is splendid news. 

also blake sent me a video of the byu play..... SO sweet

Love you each so much. I pray and think of you always. Have a fantastic week and pray for missionary work and for opportunities to share the gospel. Mom youre gunna be legendary as YW president i just wish i were there to mess around and cause trouble still. 

HAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY MANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333  I LOVE YOU!!!! Have a super dooper day homegirl. Ill be thinking of you on friday. Ill be sending you a letter so hopefully it gets there soon! 
ill send some pics from my ipad. the gospel is true and its worth sacrificing for. love you!

The family tree is growing. elder fanga -> elder Chronister -> me -> elder wood 

The MTC group reunited at mission conference

The whole zone at Big Ben today! Had to show all the new missionaries
the sights.

Our last supper (breakfast actually) 

The new companion elder Wood. Stud 

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